Sisal Products

Our Diversified Products in Sisal

Browse from our widest collection of eco-friendly, durable and decorative products in Sisal – ranging from Sisal Fibre, Sisal Yarn to Sisal Twine and other accessories


Sisal Rope

Sisal fibres are processed through rope twisting machine to make ropes – provides great knot holding ability and is resistant to sunlight.


Sisal Yarn

Fibrous threads made of Sisal fibre, commonly used in preparing twines and ropes for the shipping industry – for mooring small craft, lashing, and handling cargo.


Sisal Twine

Twisted Sisal Yarns are used to prepare Sisal Twine – perfect for shipping departments, industrial packaging, bundling, recycling, handyman, arts and crafts.


Sisal Ball

Made of Sisal Twine, crafted into fun toy balls – great for practicing your lashings, tying knots and general domestic use.


Oiled /Lubricated Yarn

Low-viscosity lubricant is applied to the Sisal strands – resistant to water and environmental hazards – also used in climbing and training ropes.


Waxed Yarn

After dyeing, Sisal fibers are carefully spun to form a tight, consistent yarn and clipped to wax candle – used in forming wires and cables.


Tarred Marline

Produced of 100% tarred flax yarns – nice smooth, greasy tarred used to seize and serve standing and running rigging on traditional vessels- comes in coils or rolls.


Polished Yarn

Sisal Yarns are sized, polished and used for various industrial polishing applications – widely used for packaging industry.


Braided Rope

Group of Sisal yarns, plies, or strands are braided together into a larger and stronger form, providing flexibility as well as compressive strength.


Dyed/Coloured Yarns

Dyeing is done through immersing the Sisal yarn or fibre in a large pot filled with water, vinegar and dye – used in textile products.


Dyed/Coloured Ropes

Sisal ropes are dyed in bright colors to match or contrast – superior dyeing is used for beautiful, uniform looking ropes in various attractive colors.


Waxed Twine

Sisal Twines are waxed or lubricated to resist abrasion from water – useful to make fishing net rope, tape and textile products.


Our Exclusive Range of Sisal Made Commercial Products

Yarns Ropes Balers Wire rope cores
Handicrafts Dartboards Bailing Fodder Buffing cloth
Carpets Decorative Rugs Geotextiles Filters
Decorative Rugs Specialty paper Geotextiles Mattresses

Sisal and the Products We Make of It

Sisal has been the leading biodegradable fibre for agricultural twine (binder twine and baler twine), ropes and yarns. Sisal products are known for its strength, durability, ability to stretch, affinity for certain dyestuffs, and resistance to deterioration in saltwater.

Apart from ropes, twines, and general cordage, sisal is used in low-cost and specialty paper, dartboards, buffing cloth, filters, geotextiles, mattresses, carpets, handicrafts, wire rope cores, and Macramé.

Sisal has been utilized as an environmentally friendly strengthening agent to replace asbestos and fibreglass in composite materials in various uses including the automobile industry. The lower-grade fibre is processed by the paper industry because of its high content of cellulose and hemicelluloses. The medium-grade fibre is used in the cordage industry for making ropes, baler and binder twine. Ropes and twines are widely employed for marine, agricultural, and general industrial use.

Our rope strings are manufactured both in natural form (without oil) and treat (oiled or lubricated). The mineral oil protects against premature rotting, adverse weather conditions, fungus and rodents. The higher-grade fibre after treatment is converted into yarns and used by the carpet industry.

Other products developed from sisal fibre include spa products, cat scratching posts, lumbar support belts, rugs, slippers, clothes, and disc buffers. Sisal wall covering meets the abrasion and tearing resistance standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials and of the National Fire Protection Association.