Manila Products

Our Diversified Products in Manila

Browse from our widest collection of eco-friendly, durable and decorative products in Manila – ranging from Manila Fibre, Manila Yarn to Manila Twine and other accessories


Manila Rope

Made from Manila hemp – high quality fibres for greater strength and smoother handling – used in decorative and landscaping projects.


Manila Yarn

Fibrous threads extracted and processed from Manila Fibre – used for crochet, knitting, tatting, hardanger, art, craft and other embroidery projects.


Manila Twine

Made from two or more smaller threads or Manila Yarns and twisted together- natural high strength Twine used for making rope.


Manila Ball

Made from Manila Twines wrapped and stripped together – perfect for crafts, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, decorative items – available in multiple colors.


Oiled /Lubricated Yarn

Manila Yarns are lubricated with a water repellent treatment to avoid displacement of yarns, discoloration or rotting – used in making Monkey ropes.


Waxed Yarn/Twine

Wax applied to Manila Yarns/Twines for lubrication – mainly used for hand sewing that requires strong, long lasting, water-tight system.

Our Exclusive Range of Manila Made Commercial Products

# Raw Fibre Yarns and Twines >Jute Fabrics
1 Yarn spinning Woven carpets Bags
2 Pulp and paper manufacture Fuse Yarn Industrial & technical Cloth
3 Non-Woven products Garden Twines Geotextiles

Manila and the Products We Make of It

Manila is the strongest of the natural fibers. It is extracted from the false stem of Abaca plant (musa textilis) which does not produce fruits.

Manila fibres are known for durability, flexibility, good abrasion resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-aging quality. Due to its strength and resistance to wetness, Manila fibres are widely used in making harbor ropes, fishing nets, cargo nets, ship’s lines, hawsers, helideck and helipad nets for shipping industry. The major applications are in the large vessels, Oil tanker, warships, tugs, oil fields, mines, and port.

Manila is also used in production of raw yarns, twines, textiles, bags, clothing, carpets, mats, handicrafts and packaging materials. It has specialty usage in paper industry for making banknotes, decorative papers, filter papers and tea bags.

At SBKG we produce extensive range of Manila ropes that are long-lasting, highly resistant to heat, sunlight, salt water, mud, dust, corrosion, moisture, and rough weather conditions when kept in open areas. Any customization in sizes, finishing, colour, waxing, and texture – we deliver any variety in Manila ropes in small to large quantity.

Our Manila made Twines and Yarns are manufactured as per industry standards and have been appreciated by importers for their high quality.